Following my heart is my life theme. It has taken my entire life to get to this point where I know what I am and what I want to be “when I grow up”. Children are completely our future and it starts the day they are born. 
I have lived in Minnesota for most of my life. I graduate from Champlin Park and went on to have a family of my own. Four kids later, I finally went back to school and started working on completing my Associates in Arts degree.  My education includes many general education classes, which my primary focus was in psychology and accounting. 
We have one cat and many fish. And have the biggest backyard a child could dream of. I am continuing to work on making my backyard an oasis for children and adults alike.
My experience not only includes raising my own babies (oldest is 17 years old) but I have worked in many different child care centers, where I not only learned what the best methods needed when providing care and education to children, but that I am a great role model and can bring so much more to the children in my own care.