Where can I find out information about a certain childcare?

I want to be a parent that is informed about everything possible when it comes to finding the right childcare. That includes knowing if there’s anything scandle filled or not.

Here’s the deal. Honesty is the best policy and I will ALWAYS be upfront and tell you that, yes… you will find me on the DHS website. Nope, it’s has nothing to do with any big scandal. There are 3 different citations on there..

  1. Caregiver training (x2). That was my daughter who had just turned 13 and I didn’t realize that she needed to have these classes the minute that she did turn 13. She completed the requirements that night.
  2. I admit that I was over ratio in the infant class. I had three children under the age of 1 for less then a week. It was totally on me and my not paying attention to the laws. The laws state that I can have up to three children under 2, and of those 3 children, 2 can be under 12 months. I had a child turn 1 the week that they came to check up on me.

I will never blame anyone but myself for those citations and I fixed them as soon as I knew that I was in the wrong.

You can look up every single licensed provider in Minnesota, childcare centers and foster parents included, at this website. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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